We offer a wide choice of luminaires and other lighting products for home, office and industrial use, both for indoor and outdoor applications. Our suppliers are manufacturers with strong quality standards and long years of experience in the industry. You can order products from their standard range, or you can reply on their extensive engineering experience to make modifications to existing products or set up the production of a new product to your own design and requirements.

Our standard range of lighting products includes:

  • office lights - luminaires for office and public buildings, high-performance louvers / diffusers, energy saving options, surface / recessed / suspended mounting.
  • industrial lighting - lights for industrial buildings and applications, dust and water protected lights, explosion proof lights.
  • outdoor lighting - garden lights, street lights, park lights, LED outdoor lighting
  • signalling lights - LED EXIT signs, warning lights, beacons
  • decorative lights - LED and halogen spot lights and strip lights, different colours and finishes
  • automotive lights - lights and indicators for forklift trucks and other slow-moving vehicles
  • electronic ballasts - electronic ballasts for fluorescent and LED lights, protection, power control