We have a number of suppliers specialising in the manufacture of low-voltage electrical equipment - complete products and components. As the vast variety of products would make using on-line catalogues difficult, please send us your enquiry, and we will reply with relevant information.

The main categories of electrical products we offer are:

  • circuit breakers - MCB, MCCB
  • indirect protection devices - RCD, surge arresters
  • contactors
  • switches - micro switches, snap-action switches, program switches
  • disconnectors - disconnectors, push buttons, stop buttons
  • safety devices & isolating switches
  • power supplies
  • transformers
  • distribution boxes
  • consumer units
  • control panels
  • industrial plugs
  • mini audio speakers - alnico / ferrite magnet speakers, micro and super thin speakers
  • cable harnesses
  • contact parts - carbon brushes, silver contacts
  • toroidal coils
  • components - terminals and terminal blocks, resistors, cable tips and shoes, couplings, contact elements, glands