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We provide services to help clients manage sourcing and outsourcing projects.

We represent suppliers based in countries with lowercost manufacturing, covering a wide range of services and manufacturing capabilities. Our extensive experience in managing sourcing and outsourcing projects, as well as our constantly growing network of suppliers give you the opportunity to explore different possibilities and choose the best for your business.

We approach every project individually and decide on the most appropriate business arrangement with the client. We are commercially very flexible, yet we follow two main commercial practices.

For simple projects, where an enquiry is appropriate for one of our existing suppliers, we will organise quotes for you at no cost. If a quote leads to orders, then we will receive commission from the supplier.

For complex projects which require specialised research,significant resources and up-front expenses, we will agree with you service fees to suit the nature of the project.

With every project, we offer a complete range of project management services from quotation, through implementation, and ongoing support.